Revell 1/720 Cruiser blusher

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The heavy cruiser Blücher was launched in Kiel on 8.6.1937 and went into service on 20.9.1939 as the type ship of the Admiral Hipper Class. With a maximum displacement of 18,700 tons and a length of 202.8 m, she carried a crew of approx. 1,380. After a brief trial period the Blücher capsized on her first mission during the invasion of Norway, when on 9.4.1940 in the Oslo Fjord she was disabled by numerous shells and then hit by 2 torpedos.

- Filigree surface details
- Authentic reproduction of deck superstructures
- Inclusive of display stand
- Movable gun turrets
- Inclusive of Arado 196 aircraft

Products specifications
Scale 1:720
Number of Parts 75
Skill level Level 3
Skill level Level 3
Period 1937
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